Domain Forwarding allows you to redirect traffic from your Domain Name to your website. This is a useful alternative
to normal Web Hosting for people who want to use the web space included with their Internet Service Provider's
account. Please note though that Search Engines will usually give a higher ranking to websites hosted within a
normal Web Hosting Account, compared to domains they see as being redirected.

Thus, for business websites where the best possible ranking in Search Engines is desired, its recommended to
order a normal 
Web Hosting Account

Domain and Email Forwarding are sold as a package for only $7.95 per year.

Email Forwarding allows you to have your email sent to aliases which you can easily create in your Control Panel
such as
All email sent to the aliases are then forwarded on to addresses such as
You can forward multiple aliases to multiple addresses. For example:    to    to

Card Payments
Payments will appear on your Card statement as

To order your new Domain / Email Forwarding Account and pay by Credit or Debit Card, or from your Bank Account

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The Advanced DNS Zone Editor allows you to create and edit

MX Records
A records
CNAME records
TXT records

After updating DNS Zone records please allow up to 24 hours for the
updates to propagate through the Net although most ISP's will
usually update within a few hours.

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